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About the IMPACT Study


The IMPACT study is an affiliate study of the PROMISE or PCROWD Studies and aimed to analyze blood samples for up to one year to study the relationship between COVID-19 exposure and the immune system. All participants enrolled in IMPACT received a free antibody test to determine if they have been exposed to the virus causing COVID-19.



The IMPACT Study is now closed and in its follow-up phase; if you are eligible, you may sign up for either THE PROMISE Study or The PCROWD Study.

Already enrolled? Opt in by signing in to your dashboard at the PROMISE or the PCROWD.

Not enrolled? Both studies are welcoming new participants. 

A woman in her late 50s who may be a candidate for a screening


  • THE PROMISE Study is the first large effort to test healthy people who may be at risk for early warning signs of a blood cancer called multiple myeloma. We research these risks to learn how to prevent cancer from developing.


  • The PCROWD Study is a national cohort study for patients already diagnosed with precursor hematological conditions.


The PCROWD and PROMISE Studies work together to:
1) Support individuals who are either:

  • Diagnosed with blood cancer-related conditions (also called hematological malignancies) 

  • At higher risk for developing a blood-cancer related condition.

2) Bank large quantities of tissue samples to learn more about the molecular and epidemiological qualities underlying these conditions
3) Support the pursuit of progress toward a cure with new technologies, therapies, and screening processes for precursor conditions. 

Together, these sister studies aim to determine the prevalence, pathogenesis, recovery of COVID-19 in individuals with precursor conditions to hematologic malignancies and in healthy populations.

A woman in her late 40s who may be a candidate for screening
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