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There are two ways to enroll in the IMPACT Study:

IMPACT Study Logo - COVID-19 Immune Response Study
PROMISE Study Logo - Dana-Farber

As a PROMISE Study participant
For people at risk for a precursor condition for multiple myeloma but have never been diagnosed. (African Americans and close family members have qualifying risks)

PCROWD Study Logo - Dana-Farber

As a PCROWD Study participant
For people diagnosed with a precursor condition for multiple myeloma.

How to Enroll and Get Antibody Testing

 Log in to your study dashboard
   Opt-In to the IMPACT study

 Get tested for COVID-19 antibodies

      Already enrolled? PROMISE Dashboard Login / PCROWD Dashboard Login

      Not enrolled? Both studies are welcoming new participants.

PROMISE Study Logo - Dana-Farber
IMPACT COVID-19 Study logo

1. Join as a PROMISE Study participant
The PROMISE Study is for healthy people with risks for multiple myeloma but who do not have the early warning signs (called precursor conditions.)
Who can join? 

  • Black or African American Individuals age 40 - 75 years

       – And / Or –

  • Close family members of anyone with multiple myeloma OR or a precursor condition, also 40 - 75 years of age.

Close family members are people of any race who have a parent, sibling, or child with: 

      Multiple myeloma OR one these related conditions: 

PCROWD Study Logo - Dana-Farber

2. Join as a PCROWD Study participant
For anyone, age 18+, who has been diagnosed with a precursor condition for multiple myeloma.

IMPACT Poster - Learning Together About Immune Response
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